How to hyperlink a word or phrase

Follow the instructions below to see how to link any word or phrase

Remember you can use your imagination and hyper-link any phrase or word
 including an image

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The screen-shots shown below are from our web design software
You will find the examples shown below will be almost the same as Microsoft Word as well as other similar programs.  

Adding a Link

To create a link on your web page or e-mail, hyperlink or hoplink as it is also called, to another page in your own website or to another website, just type out the web address in full. 
Then click on the space bar on your key board to activate the link. 
The address will then automatically turn into a link.


Alternatively, if you would like to have the text you click on to
be different from the link address, you can do the following. 
Type the text you want to turn into a link. Highlight the text and
click the 'link' icon in the toolbar as sown below:
The toolbar shown below is what you will see when using our web design software


A dialog box that looks something like this will appear:

Enter the web address of the web page you want to link to
in the 'URL' field. In this example, we decided to add a link
to Yahoo. Remember to include the 'http://' at the beginning
of the web address. 
After you are done, click the 'OK' button.

Job done. That's how easy it is.





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